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Baby Monitors & Thermometers

  • Miniland Everywhere IP Camera -  White
    Miniland Everywhere IP Camera - White £145.00

    Everywhere IPcam is connected in a very simple way to the Wi-Fi router from home to transmit its signal. In addition, using the eMyBaby application it is possible to see the baby on your tablet or smartphone from anywhere...

  • Miniland Thermo Advanced Plus - White/Blue
    Miniland Thermo Advanced Plus - White/Blue £40.00

    The Thermo Advanced Plus baby thermometer uses infrared technology to take your childs temperature without the need of contact, it's easy to use, fast and reliable. The Thermo Advanced also offers features such as...

  • Miniland Thermokit - White/Blue
    Miniland Thermokit - White/Blue £22.99

    The Miniland Thermo Talk Plus Thermometer takes the temperature on the baby’s forehead and in the baby’s ear and provides a reading in 1 second. With pulse reading in 15 seconds, to control the parents’...

  • Miniland Thermotalk Plus - White/Blue
    Miniland Thermotalk Plus - White/Blue £32.99

    Ultrafast Thermometer and Pulse Sensor Measure your child's temperature in just 1 second with contact to their forehead or ear. Measure the ambient temperature of any room to ensure optimum comfort. Thermotalk plus also...