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Your having a baby!!

Posted by Victoria Parrott on

How exciting is it when you find out for the very first time there is a new arrival on the way! You want everything to be just perfect, and quite rightly so it is a very exciting and important time. But it can also be very daunting, especially with your first, where do you start?

You will probably receive advice from family and friends and often the advice will contradict each other, it can be a mind field and a bit scary. You will get there though and make the decisions on your pregnancy and birth and beyond that are right for you, there is not one size that fits all everybody is different. 

Once you have settled into the fact "your having a baby" you will probably start to think about what equipment you may need, what pushchair should you buy, what cot, what feeding equipment, and what else might you need you've not even thought about!

I often get clients in the showroom for the first time saying " we need everything, we're new to this, we need a pushchair, cot, etc" . Its quite normal, your not on your own, if you've not done something before how do you know what you will need. At Adorable Tots we can walk you through the essentials, from the best car seat you will need so they will let you out of hospital with your new arrival to the cotbed you will use for upto the next 4 years. We can show you some of the essential kit to get you started. 

Don't be overwhelmed, help is out there, everyone has to start somewhere, and to be honest its all very exciting :-)

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