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Feeding & Sterilisation

  • Miniland Chefy 5 - White/Blue
    Miniland Chefy 5 - White/Blue £100.00

    Easy to use with five functions in one Heats food by steaming, with 2 power levels depending on the type of food, preserving their nutrients  Shreds, with 2 different speeds to get the desired texture, it's ideal...

  • Miniland Humiessence - White
    Miniland Humiessence - White £46.99

    Any essence available on the market can be used. It includes the bottle for keeping the essences and an extra set of rods. The humiessence cold steam humidifier is endowed with operating autonomy exceeding 10 hours with the...

  • Miniland Minidrop - White
    Miniland Minidrop - White £39.00

    Small and Elegantly Designed Humidifier Miniland's Minidrop is one of the smallest humidifiers on the market, thanks to this small design the Minidrop is easy to place on any surface. The essence compartment of the...