Aerosleep Fitted Sheet White 80x40

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AeroSleep Baby Fitted Sheet:
Fitted sheet, specially developed to maximise air permeability.
● A soft fitted sheet in an air permeable fabric that was especially developed to maximize the air
circulation of the AeroSleep concept.
● AeroSleep Baby Fitted Sheet guarantees maximum air permeability between the 3D honeycomb
structure and the baby. It helps your baby to breathe freely, provides dry sleep comfort and is
pleasantly soft to the touch.
To maximise air circulation, all AeroSleep products should be combined with an air-permeable fitted
Thanks to the maximised air permeability, AeroSleep helps preventively to diminish the
following hazards of your sleeping baby:
Suffocation: Always put your baby on his back to sleep. If however, he should turn on his
tummy while sleeping, he will be able to keep breathing freely with Aerosleep. The risk of
suffocation diminishes considerably.
Rebreathing CO2: reduces the danger of re­inhaling CO2.
Overheating: Excessive body heat is evacuated and fresh ambient air is supplied. This keeps the
baby's body temperature under control and reduces the risk of overheating and heat congestion.
Under the 3D honeycomb structure, are two layers that fully protect the mattress:
All moisture permeates through the 3D structure and is withdrawn by the intermediate absorption
layer that dries fast thanks to the air circulation. The baby lies between dry sheets and skin
irritations disappear.
The impermeable protecting film at the bottom keeps the mattress free from bacteria. It also
prevents contact of your baby with allergens (such as dust, pollen and house dust mite) from the
The AeroSleep Baby Protect lying on top of the mattress has to be washed at 60°C to wash out
all bacteria. The baby benefits from a clean and healthy sleeping surface time after time.
Besides the 3D honeycomb structure doesn't distort at this high washing temperature. The
AeroSleep BabyProtect can be removed and fitted to any type of mattress. It is easily
transportable if your baby is sleeping away from home.

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